New Orleans

New Orleans was a fun place that we wish we had more time to explore and mostly more time to eat! Holy cow…people are not kidding about the good food in New Orleans! If you’re a foodie and haven’t been there…you’re not a true foodie!

We stayed at the KOA there, which was the smallest KOA we’ve ever seen/stayed at, but still had all the great amenities we love – we mostly judge on the dog area! :-p And they had dog walking services right through their front desk, for only $5! Though we didn’t use it, because we’re paranoid and Solomon isn’t always the best walker, we loved the option and had we been there for more than 2 nights, we probably would have!

So, back to the food…and the drinks…

We only spent one full day in the main part of town, and what do you know, we somehow managed to experience 4 or 5 restaurants!

The highlights:

Three different bars, all amazing specialty cocktails!

The first was from the oldest bar in the country, Lafitte’s, which we naturally had to go to for that reason, and the fact that it supposedly has quite a bit of paranormal activity…and we enjoy befriending those of the past….!



The two tall, pretty drinks were from our favorite place of all…Pier 424 Seafood Market! Not really a market, but an Oyster Bar and restaurant with market fresh food….!


Please notice our reflection in the back! :-p

We ordered Fried Alligator, Oysters Rockefeller, Red Beans and Rice with Fried Chicken, and multiple different types of raw oysters…everything was sooo good!! And the front of the restaurant was wide open, so while we sat there talking to the bartender/oyster shucker/our server, Raymond (who was fantastic), we got to listen and watch different street performers! It was by far our favorite and most unique New Orleans experience!!


Outside Pier 424


Awesome architecture, colors, patios, and terraces everywhere!

Cafe Du Monde – that place is hoppin! Get your coffee and begniets, but be prepared to fight for a table and wait for a bit!


Cafe Du Monde

Courtyard Grill – super cute, wanted to eat here, but service was awful and they were out of the two main things we wanted…so we moved on…but still super cute!


Courtyard Grill


Amazing street performers, we could have listened to them forever…instead we bought their CD and went to go eat more (after listening for awhile!)! :-p

Louisiana Coast3

Coast Line

Driving…the roads were pretty awesome and beautiful themselves…and they have a St Bernard Ave, so you know it’s going to be great!!


Full Review of Pier 424 Seafood Market and The Courtyard Grill here!


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