South Carolina

South Carolina19

Our next stop was Seneca, South Carolina to visit one of Dana’s best and oldest friends, Jack and his family.

We stayed at South Cove County Park. It was on a lake and absolutely beautiful (though it had far too many speed bumps – the kind that made us feel like our trailer was just going to fall apart!!).

Our Neighborhood!

Our Neighborhood!

Our Lot.

Our Lot.

Once we get set up and settled, Donnie started up the grill for dinner, while Dana made some delicious salads, and Solomon went for a little swim! We have been actively trying to eat healthier, which can be very difficult on the road…but we’ve been doing a pretty good job (minus Dana’s chip addiction)!

Grill Master!

Grill Master!

Crabcakes, egg, and baked beans!

Crabcakes, egg, and baked beans!

Delicious Spinach Salads!

Delicious Spinach Salads!









Happy Dude!

Shortly after dinner, Jack and his girlfriend, Micah, came over to our humble abode! We gave them a nice tour, Solomon made sure they knew what slobber was and that they smelled like him, we caught up for a bit, then had a lovely bonfire (with s’mores of course), before they became our first overnight guests! Whewww whooo!! Slumber party! haha




Solomon is not shy when it comes to new friends!

In the morning, Donnie made us some killer breakfast sandwiches and Jack, the coffee snob, refused to drink our Keurig coffee…! :-p So we went to the Connolly’s house so Jack could make some “real” coffee…and so Dana could see Mrs.Connolly (they also let us do laundry, which was awesome)!!

After our coffee, we took a little trip over to Devil’s Fork State Park and walked around a little and sat on the shore. It was beautiful, the water was so green and clear, with the mountains in the distance!











From the park, we went back to the Connolly’s to hang out with Jack’s fam. Mrs. Connolly made us a nice chicken ala king dinner, and our laundry finished up…then we went for a nice evening walk around their neighborhood with Jack’s nephew, Troy! Dana’s new buddy!


We were all pretty exhausted by the end of the day, so we called it a night.

The next morning, Jack and Micah picked up breakfast for all of us from their favorite spot nearby, and came over for a nice breakfast picnic before we hit the road!

Though we couldn’t leave before getting a few selfies…


Old school selfie with the self timer…!



It was awesome seeing them and being able to spend some quality time together reminiscing and catching up! Hopefully it’s not as long before we see them again!!

Bonus Pic – Complements of Jack:


Flabby Face!




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