Our longest and most stressful driving day was probably our drive from Maine to Pennsylvania!

We do not recommend driving 430 ish miles in one day with a fifth wheel…!

We started in Maine, and drove through: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey…finally ending in Pennsylvania. Seven states in one day…and hitting traffic close to many of the large cities made it even longer…Ug. We do not recommend it. Nor would we do it again…!!

Though, it did allow for a longer stay in Gettysburg, PA.


We stayed at the KOA there, which was really nice. Set back in the woods with a corner spot, we had a lot of privacy which was nice.

Everyone in Gettysburg is really into the Civil War – for obvious reasons. Even the gentleman that showed us to our campsite and helped us park introduced himself as the general that he plays when they do their reenactments in town…it was cute/neat! Plus, so many people in town were dressed up in Civil War attire.

The first night there, we walked around the battlefield for a few hours…it was so much bigger and more wide spread than we anticipated. Despite walking around for hours, we probably saw less than half the area it covered. There were stones and memorials everywhere…scattered throughout the fields and woods. Everywhere you looked.

Gettysburg8 Gettysburg9



The second day started off with an amazing breakfast sandwich, made by Chef Donnie. Sausage, egg, cheese, kale, garlic, onions….yum.


Then for dinner, Chef Donnie was at it again…making Ribs and roasted onions over the campfire while Dana made quinoa and kale. It’s so amazing having a full kitchen while camping. Though we still love the char-grilled fire taste and will always utilize our fires when possible!!


After dinner, we decided to do a ghost tour…since we were in one of the most (if not THE most) haunted places in the country! It took some convincing to get Dana to go along…but she finally decided it could be fun! Unfortunately, though Gettysburg was very dog friendly, and Solomon was able to go anywhere on and throughout the battlefields and town with us, he was not quite old enough for the ghost tour.

We did the tour through the Farnsworth House right in town. Our guide was dressed in civil war attire and had all the tools we’d need to detect any kind of paranormal activity. There were about 7 of us on the tour and each of us had our own set of dousing rods, a flashlight, a voice recorder, an electromagnetic detector, a night vision scope, and a laser thermometer.

We had a short orientation in a creepy cellar, where our guide went over each of the tools we had and briefly discussed the history of the area we would be setting out to explore. Then we set out.

We were on what is now school property in the town of Gettysburg, but was once the ground where the battle of Chapel Hill was fought. We started together, both picking up various electromagnetic readings, but not much else…then we slowly wandered in opposite directions. Donnie was also using an App on his phone that detected words, and he picked up interesting and fitting words, such as “July” and peoples names. While Dana was getting extremely high electromagnetic pulses in one area, so she pulled out her thermometer and pointed it at the ground where the readings were the strongest…and it was 10 degrees colder than the ground all around it. So she tried talking and recording, but got nothing. Her electromagnetic device was still spiking so she decided to take a picture to see if anything appeared, and was instantly creeped out by the appearance of a large blur of light in her picture when there was nothing or no one else around her! Spirits often show up as orbs or blurs of light similar to the one in her photo.

Dana's new friend.

Dana’s new friend.

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