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Preparing for Life on the Road

Downsizing is way more difficult than it seems! But required for life on the road.
You’d think we couldn’t acquire so many things when we’ve moved five times in less than four years…but somehow we did!

Between having a yard sale, selling things on Craigslist, donating things, and storing a few things at our parent’s houses, we still found our storage close to maxed!

We love the arts and the outdoors, so there were some things we just couldn’t bear to leave behind. Dana needed her skis, snowboard, photography gear, and craft bin; while Donnie needed his fishing and hunting gear, plus his metal detector and guitars. That in addition to our snowshoes, bikes, tents and backpacking gear – space was quickly filling!
And let us not forget Solomon’s extensive toy collection, saddle bags, food, and other accessories.

One thing we would have done different is started purging sooner. Putting things on Craigslist sooner and having more signs and advertising for our Yard Sale – since it always seems you put in so much effort for small return. We also found so many more things to sell as we really began packing; things we really wish we had found prior to our yard sale.

Our Semi-successful Yard Sale!

Our Semi-successful Yard Sale!

Moving things from room to room so we could paint the walls was not fun....!

Moving things from room to room so we could paint the walls was not fun….!


So much packing and organizing!!

So much packing and organizing!!

Ahhhh!! Stressfullllll!!

Ahhhh!! Stressfullllll!!

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We Bought a Fifth Wheel!!

About a month ago, we went to an RV dealerĀ in Michigan just to look at trailers and entertain the idea of possibly getting one to live in full time.

We’ve been doing seasonal work the last few years (ski resorts, national parks, etc.), which involves not only moving often, but finding housing at numerous unique locations. This was easy when there was just the two of us; since many places have employee housing, but now that we have Solomon, employee housing isn’t normally an option. So this was not only a dream for us, but also a solution to our “problem”.

We were set on a travel trailer and only planned to look at travel trailers. However, the salesman showed us the inside of one fifth wheel, just to give us an idea of the layout with a rear kitchen.

We left, thinking we would look other places and get a better idea of what was out there…however, we couldn’t get over that rear kitchen! It had more counter space then our apartment, and more than double the counter space of any other trailer we had seen! We looked online and searched other places inventory for a trailer with a rear kitchen and came up with nothing. So, the following Monday, we went and bought it.

We didn’t have a truck to tow it, nor did we really know anything about fifth wheels. But we were in love with our new kitchen and soon to be home!




The Beloved Kitchen!

The Beloved Kitchen!

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